Info for Exhibitor / Presenter


As an exhibitor, the 2024 St. Louis Aviation Maintenance Symposium is an excellent opportunity to showcase products to the participating aviation maintenance professionals. This year we are anticipating a large turnout of approximately 200 attendees. Participants attending the seminar will be from the Central Region and the Greater St. Louis Metropolitan Area. The Seminar also provides the presenter an opportunity to share the knowledge of his or her aviation expertise with the participating maintenance professionals. If you are interested in sponsoring a display booth and/or conducting a presentation on the latest techniques, practices, and products in the field, please complete and return the attached form. Your participation in the Maintenance/IA Seminar is welcome. Please keep in mind that booth space is limited to 28 exhibitors on first come first serve basis. There is a $350 fee for a table. Please include $35 per lunch order as indicated on the registration form. Please indicate the choice of either a meat or vegetarian meal.

The standard exhibitor table is 6ft long and has two chairs. If you need an electrical outlet for the exhibitor table, please bring extension cables. A VGA projector is supplied in all the classrooms. Please bring the computer-to-VGA adapter to use during your presentation. Please bring a backup of your presentation in case of computer problems.


Point of contact for the Seminar Registration is:

Mark Weber

phone: (314) 303 8160 and please leave a message. I will get back to you ASAP.